Are You Ready To Cook Like a PRO?

Learn techniques and recipes from Chef Yoda as she takes you through a comprehensive full-course cooking class!

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You will start with a walkthrough on best practices for cooking and introduction to the tools you will be using for cooking.


Highly Skilled Chef Yoda will take the class through a hands-on training on preparing a full-course meal from starter to desert.


You have the opportunity to invite up to 4 people for a special dinner prepared by you. Your guests will provide you with feedback.


We have a special gift for you to remind of your accomplishment. Feedback will be provided and you will be featured on our website.

Why This Class

The Cooking Masterclass is a homebreed idea which came about as a creative way to engage people from all walks of life through cooking. Everybody likes food yet the art of preparing it remains a mystry to many. We have created this opportunity to share the skills in preparing some mouth watering dishes which will help to increase the awareness of cooking practices and also provide valuable skills to all who love the art of cooking

Wheather you are a novice who wants to learn cooking from scratch or an intermediate cooker who wants to polish up your cooking skills and perhaps learn some new recipies, this class is for you! The approach used in delivery of this program is based on the latest cooking technologies and there is definately something new to learn in each of our sessions. The target for each delivery is to help trainees to learn new skills through a proven methodology which takes into consideration skills for improving efficiency and multi-tasking. By the end of the session, you will learn to prepare a full course meal from the starters through to the main meal as well as the desserts. You will become a master of culinary delivery in ground breaking time and receive feedback to improve on pain points.
Each participant fills up a questionnare during registration to help us to identify the expectation and skill level of each member. Based on the outcome of the questionnare, participants are put in groups and provided with a corresponding schedule for the event. To ensure efficiency in delivery, we take a maximum of 20 participants for each session and the selection process for each class is based on details provided during registration. Once a participant is selected, He/She will have to confirm availability within a period of 7 days.
If you are ready to be a part of this program, Provide your Name and Email in the section above and follow the steps for registration after clicking the 'Register Now' Button.

Meet Your Trainers

For a successful class, we have put together highly skilled resources who will be taking you through the program from start to finish

Chef Yoda

Master Chef

Chef Yoda is highly skilled in creating distinct menus with a touch of class



Over 10 years exprience in teaching cooking best practices.

Lady Yobo

Event Cordinator

Great Presentation makes all the difference. Lady Yobo is a presentation expert

Chef Yoda

Master Chef

Chef Yoda is highly skilled in creating distinct menus with a touch of class

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